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;D Thanks... I'm not too crazy about the grille guard though. I plan on replacing it with more than likely a Smittybilt tube bumper. The one in the pic is a little tweaked now since I hit a deer at 65mph about 2yrs. ago. At impact it pushed in and smashed the original grille and did quite a bit of damage to the front-end. Thus I want the next one to be something a bit more substantial for any further deer encounters (frame, not bumper mount!). Also if you notice in the top pic of the rear view, that nice, new, dent free tailgate panel with the Dodge logo... anyone who has a Dodge of similar year take note, these will cost you about $600. from the dealer. My old lady almost killed me when I came home with that one! lol. I just had to have it though after the new paint went on .{wave}


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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