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MJ's '81 Ram D-150 Shortbed

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This is the latest Truck I've picked up for $400. It runs and drives, though the linkage to the A-833 needs adjusted. It has a 225 and A-833OD. It also needs some suspension work, but after that is done, I will drive it daily, eventually doing bodywork (I've got a fender and grille sourced), and dropping it down. I will likely keep it a slanter for a good long while, since it runs, though I plan on adding a Super Six and deep-sixing the Lean Burn.

The interior will also receive some upgrades, another steering wheel, a working radio, upgraded trim, and other things. Maybe bucket seats, havent decided.

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Just a couple updated pics:

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Couple more updated pics (black steelies and doggies)

Mis-matched, yes, but they'll do till I can get tires. Rear wheels are 15x6.5, fronts 5.5. Eventually, the wheels off my old '79 will go on this one with either RWLs or blackwalls. It will also get a stepside bed.
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Looks good.

Hey, i got a question for you, do you know what type of gas milage you are pulling with that truck?

Mileage was around 18-20 till first went completely out. Now it gets something like 15.

Got a couple more updated pics:

Left front with the steelies and doggies

Interior update. Dash bezel was cleaned and I added a '79 tilt seat and steering wheel.
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great price for a solid truck how many miles are on it
hey nice truck especially for $400. how much ya gonna lower it? have you checked out the lwering your truck post on the technical board. really long but tells ALOT about lowering. interior looks better but i perfer buckets. what is the red one next to it? and 83, 84? 2 or 4 wheel drive? thanks for keeping dodges goin on the roads.
nice truck for that price{cool}
The red one is an '85 longbed with a '79 bed. Its in another post on this board titled "MJs '85 Ram" or something like that.

This Truck has 180k plus I beleive. I switched speedos for one with a Trip. I wrote down the original mileage and will have to calculate it. They were hard miles, the rear suspension is shot!

I'm only gonna level it out for now, keeping with the "what could have been" look. I will add buckets eventually and a console. But, the sixer stays!

Heres another interior pic the day after my last one, amazing what armor-all will do to a rubber floormat!

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