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MJ's '78 Volare 4-spd wagon

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This is the one I traded for, first three are before I got it home, the others are after.

Broken grille (typical), but I've got a free Aspen one that I'll use.

Rear View, simple, no spoiler or roof rack.

Drivers side interior, note the stick and third pedal!

Right Side view. Yes, those dishes are original. There are 15 inch wheels as roll-arounds up front till I get the front tires fixed.

Left Rear view. This thing is pretty straight!

Another interior view. Yes, that seat is real bad, but I can get some Mirada buckets in Red cloth for it.

Heres what powers it, a 225 Super Six. It will likely get replaced by a hot small block.
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OK, so its not all perfect, but its straight. It has areas of rust that need taken care of.

The drivers floor needs replaced

The quarter needs worked over too

As does the back end under the gate weatherstrip.

This car is a pretty unusual special order. It was ordered with PS, PB, A/C, but no radio and minimal trim. I've got all the documentation, even the original bill of sale/invoice listing all options. In the last interior pic, the sticker on the doorjamb is an Export sticker. The original owner (I'm the third) came from the military, therefore the car was ordered through the Chrysler Military Sales Corp, and delivered to a dealer in Topeka. It had a Pentagon lein on it, but that was since released.

This will most certainly make an interesting little project!
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If ya cant tell what I'm pointing at, its a windowed block. At first I thought the timign chain busted, got the radiator out to change it, and found this. It may have ran with it like that, because it was free and turned over just fine.
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i wonder if they put the 833 w/OD behind /6's.

anyway, that is an awesome find. how many /6, 4spd, bench seat wagons were made? i bet not many.

make it a aspen r/t sport wagon clone.

oh, better yet, a local JY has a super coupe in it. all flares are there and in pretty decent shape. I'm thinking super coupe wagon clone.
That is really an odd car Jamie . Definitely worth keeping though man . Never seen a Volare with a 4spd before . Very rare adn very cool

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