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MJ's '78 Aspen

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Heres what I traded my '68 Coronet for (half of it anyway)

No, thats NOT a repaint! Thats the original color! The vinyl top is original and in good shape. The rear window was MIA when I got it, but luckily for me, I saved the one from my first '78 Volare 4 dr sedan I bought when I was 15 (parted) I set this one in there to keep most of the weather out.

The bad part! Both fenders are gone at the front, and I may have to replace the hood, all are easy tasks.

Interior View. Other than the tear in the drivers seat bottom, its nearly immaculate! Dash pad has nary a crack one! Being its an SE, its got Power windows, locks, and an AM/FM stereo. Also has 60/40 seats, as well as a lot of other things, like PS,. PB, and A/C.

It also has a Super Six that runs damn good. I've already flogged the heck out of it (well, not that hard). Trans is solid behind it. It also drives good, doesnt pull or anything!

Left side view. The seran wrap plastic on the window is because that motor isnt any good. Wanted to keep some weather out of it if I could! Note the mud on the fender and lower quarter. I did most of that today flogging it!

Another interesting thing is that it ha sa sure grip in the 7 1/4! This thing may not light the tires, but it aint a slug either! That thing runs real good!
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I remember the 80 volare that I had. It would go through anything loved going through snow drifts with it. After I drove the sh&t out of it I put a rod through the side of it. still drove it home with a hole the size of my fist in it. LOL I had fun with that car!!! It had the super six too.
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