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Submitted By: v737d
Date: February 10, 2009, 02:45:56 AM
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Mesh Your Truck's Air Inlet System - Christopher D. Van Decar (v737d)

Pic 1​

Pic 2​

The job.

1. Print out the mesh patterns and make sure the "1 inch" scale is very close if not exactly one inch. These will provide about 3/16" to 1/4" of overlap around the outside edges of the vent holes.

2. Using a couple of flat blade screwdrivers remove both wiper arms. You have to pull the spring loaded tab on the backside of the arm away from the wiper post (see picture 3). If you are lucky (I wasn't) you can now wiggle the wiper arm off of the post. I had to pile a bunch of rags into the little divot under the wiper arm/post to protect the paint and then use another screwdriver to pry up on the wiper arm opposite of the side with the spring tab. Make sure you are prying against the wiper arm and not the wiper post. The post part with the splines is wider (diameter) than the post shaft that goes into the cowl. Be gentle.

Pic 3​

3. Remove the sheet metal screws holding the cowl vent to the truck body (see picture 4). Your cowl cover should now just slide up over the wiper posts and then forward off your truck. I had two additional screws, about 3 inches in from each side of the windshield, under the window gasket. These were not pictured in the factory manual so I don't know if it was a production mod or not. If your cowl cover does not slide out easily after removing the visible screws look for these two extra ones(see picture 5).

Pic 4​

Pic 5​

4. Cut out your cover patterns and lay them over your vent holes. Decide if they are of the proper shape and size to do the job. Modify as necessary.

5. Lay the patterns out on the mesh and tape into place. Cut around the edges of the patterns. You should have seven covers when you are done. Don't cut the slots for your windshield squirters yet. I have suspicion that they may vary a bit in location in different trucks. They should only be used as a guide.

6. Test fit your mesh covers on the various inlets. If they are of a good fit and have enough overlap proceed to step 7. If not go back and modify your covers again. Don't feel bad it took me a couple of tries to get the covers I wanted. (see pic 6)

Pic 6​

7. Make the cutouts in your two covers that have the windshield squirters in them. (see pic 7)

Pic 7​

8. Squeeze out a 1/8" (approx) bead of silicone around the edge of the hole. Do one hole at a time.

9. Lay the mesh cover in place and lightly push it into the silicone until some oozes through the mesh and holds it into place. You may have to place a small weight in the center to hold it down while it dries. I used a couple of sockets.

10. Continue steps 6-9 until all the inlet holes are covered.

11. While the silicone dries, you can replace the wiper post mounting bolts (optional see pic 8 ). Otherwise take a beer break. Let the silicone dry for about 20-30 minutes.

Pic 8​

12. Set your cowl cover back into place and check for side to side alignment and that the screw holes all line up.

13. Replace the cowl cover mounting screws.

14. Rub some anti-seize onto the wiper arm posts (this will hopefully make them to easier to remove next time) and replace the wiper arms. Take care to make sure they are lined up equally with each other and approximately parallel with the bottom of the windshield.

15. Clean up your tools and continue with the adult beverage consumption.
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