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this may sound kind of stupid, but here goes.

i was going through the member index last night and i notice it only lets you view about 1100 of the 5000+members that we have on here. is this because the others haven't registered? or is there another reason for this?

just wondering


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phoenix827 said:
intenseimages said:
Smokey said:
Hmmmm, yeah Xanadu, the exotic pleasure palace in Coleridge's 1816 poem "Kubla Kahn"
when he wrote the poem "Kubla Kahn", the actual poem came to him in a dream. after he awakened he sat down and started writing the poem.
sometime during the writing of the poem he was interrrupted by someone arriving at his house., after his visitors left, he sat down to continue writing and could not remember the rest of what he dreamed. this is the reason this poem is unfinished.

I was told it was an "opium induced stupor". Not a dream. But I suppose at that stage what difference did it make to him? ;D ;D
you are right, at that point it probably didnt make a difference

Smokey said:
Sorry, intense... that wasn't a typo.... remember I'm the kid that ate the dictionary when three :p,
and has been coughing up wierd words ever since... ::)

I meant pogrom not program

Definition: "Pogrom - an organized massacre"
Oh boy could i go on 1 of those, but then we need addresses, sob

thesasquach said:
I like that Smokey ...... there isnt many times when im at a loss for a word. ......... thank you David
Lol or you just make it up lol
McGuyver said:

I recall some lines from a Rush song talking about that.

Something about living beneath the pleasure dome, yadda, yadda yadda, decreed by kubla kahn, blah blah blah dine on honey dew, and drink the milk of paradise, blah blah blah, etc, etc. Don't remember anything else. But I always got the impression that Xanadu was some kind of Greek idea of eternal paradise. ::)
Another RUSH fan!!!!!!!!
pogrom; Xanadu; Coleridge

The erudition here is just astounding! ;)
21 - 24 of 24 Posts