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this may sound kind of stupid, but here goes.

i was going through the member index last night and i notice it only lets you view about 1100 of the 5000+members that we have on here. is this because the others haven't registered? or is there another reason for this?

just wondering


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I like that Smokey ...... there isnt many times when im at a loss for a word. ......... thank you David
Int you have to just go tru the list of names manualy ...... there are alot of members that have filled out there fields incorrectly and have the state where the city belongs. ...... that and you may find some state of residence in the user name and no location filled out at all. David
ROFLMAO @ Bigbird .......... same chick different flick. lmao. David
1 - 3 of 24 Posts