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this may sound kind of stupid, but here goes.

i was going through the member index last night and i notice it only lets you view about 1100 of the 5000+members that we have on here. is this because the others haven't registered? or is there another reason for this?

just wondering


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ED3's campaign to get everyone to fill out their profiles helped greatly, but there are still a lot of 'anonymous' members...

Maybe we should try a pogrom instead of a campaign :p
Sorry, intense... that wasn't a typo.... remember I'm the kid that ate the dictionary when three :p,
and has been coughing up wierd words ever since... ::)

I meant pogrom not program

Definition: "Pogrom - an organized massacre"
Hmmmm, yeah Xanadu, the exotic pleasure palace in Coleridge's 1816 poem "Kubla Kahn"
1 - 3 of 24 Posts