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May be coming to AZ for VACATION>>>>

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I may and hope to come to the Phoenix area in the near future. My Dad lives out there (Mesa) and I need to come see him. Probably going to just fly out..faster...cheaper...easier...skip
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let me know when you're in town...we'll have to get together and meet for lunch for somethin
Not sure of the date yet, but it will happen this summer....skip
Deer Park is close to where I grew up, went to M.B.Smiley High School, class of 64. Moved away in 65 and rarely went back, as I found out what humidity is by getting away from it.
I will be spending most of my summer in cooler climes, tho, at about 5,000 ft. elevation in NE Utah and SE Idaho.
Hey toy :
We met last year at the ramJam 2004. Hope you were able to get your rig back together. If you head this way,my door is open. ;D We didn't get to spend a lot of time but all of the Jamers i met weer real people. Lots to roll over out this way.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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