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March 7 offroading event in Fulton

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I'm also a member at Dodge Truck World and . Some guys on DTW are thinking about going to Fulton and go offroading/trail riding at Potawatomi Offroad Park. No set date but good chance it could be first weekend in March since the guys from Capital City Crawlers are going to be there too. Problem with the DTW guys is they have pretty trucks and dont' want to scratch them. Anyway, would any of you be up for going out there too.
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Ok the guys from Dodgetruckworld are going march 7th. Capital city Crawlers won't be there. Anyone wanna go?
Only Sig Sauer and me showed up from RCC. There was 4 others that came from Dodge Truck World. The trails were a little too tight for full size trucks unless you didn't mind scratching your truck like i did. A guy with a 2004 Hemi 1500 realized this and left after he had to show the rest of us up climbing up a hill that the rest of us struggled with. Here is a pic of us all before we started. For more pics go here


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Looks like y'all had fun !!!!!!!!!!!
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