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manual transmission conversion

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hello im in need of some info i have a 1986 w150 4x4 that i love i bought the truck new in 87 ,but there is one thing about it that i have never liked and that is its an automatic, the truck needs a new cab but i have a 87 two wheel drive with a perfect cab and that truck is a 4 spd , so i will not have an issue with pedal assembly, so what i need is model numbers for compatible manual trannies, so any information would be greatly appreciated
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the 435 is a good tranny if you do some towing i have one and will swear by it but frist is almost never used its basic ly a 3 speed
also converting to a stick is easy all the things you need are already in the cab on a auto just a little fabing needs to be done you do need to get the cluch peaice like z-bar rod ect
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