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M1 dual plane mainfold question.

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I want to get the M1 dual plane mainfold for my 86 RC, but I want to keep the AC too and I posted this question before and someone said it would work and then I talked with my friend ans he said it wouldn't because the inlet for the hose off the radiator was offset on the stock mainfold and wasen't on the dual plane. Some one just please tell me if it will work so that I can just drop it on with no fabing of any thing. :-[

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well, I have the m1 dual plane on my truck, and the a/c unit is in place with no problems. I have the old v-2 style tho. On mine, the thermostat housing is in the same place on both stock and m1 manifolds.
Don't know if this will help ya or not. This is a pic of my edelbrock performer RPM dual plane. The inlet is in the center and I had the AC compressor on until I opted to ditch it last summer. There was plenty of room. I think your friend is wrong.

JD 8)
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On the air gap rpm intake the a/c needs to be moved, to see how see my truck in the truck picture section and you will see what needs to be done, the other intakes that would involve the same problem woud be the victor intake and the other style , the m1 and the edel perfomer are no problem.
Hey Marty just show him a picture of your AC compressor how you raised it up.
I put an Edel performer on my 86 Ram years ago, had no problems retaining the AC.

Good luck
chrysler300le said:
Hey Marty just show him a picture of your AC compressor how you raised it up.
Lmao that's why i said for him to go to the truck section damn now i gotta go look thru all those pictures (im getting click lazy)

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there's a "How To" on swapping in a Magnum Crate motor that covers modifying the thermostat housing to make it fir with the A/C on that engine. It may give you some helpfull info and pics if it turns out to be a problem.
Is the picture above not clear enough
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