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A freind post this procduct on another board I read, so I thought I'd bring what I have on it over here.

I showed it to the mechanics here at the dealership and got mixed opinions. I find it interesting. This is what came from a friend with

After 10,000 miles, the Luke Link failed and broke apart while exiting the
parking lot at Factory Tubular Motorsports in Salt Lake on a Friday night at
5:20 pm while I was leaving to drive home to Southern California.

Factory Tubular owner, Matt Woolley saved me and custom fabricated a massive
heim joint to the trac bar...and I was back on the road.

I've just returned last night from 2 weeks on Baja Peninsula dirt roads
working the Baja 1000 off-road race and Saturday I pushed the limits of the
Dodge Ram with T-Rex Suspension making it from Gonzaga Bay to my house in
San Felipe in 2 hours 26 minutes averaging 56 mph on all dirt roads...

LukesLink would not have survived that run and would have left me stranded
on the Baja Peninsula.

Tim Sanchez

He pushes the limit on a dodge 2500. Those of you that have seen him at didferent events know what I'm talking about.

Got this from another person.

I use them on used trucks here at work. Seems to be a decent product.
The castings just look like crap. They don't finish them very well.

This guy also uses them pretty heavy, but not as much as Tim.

I think it is a good idea, but has a way to go.

I have a replacement one from AZ on mine, and am on my scond replacement. I did get the life time replacement warrenty on mine though.

So we ave some mixed reslts so far.

edit: fixed your link
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