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Lowlands Dodge -> general progress

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Since the original post (Dutch Dodge) got lost during the last forum crash, here's another -updated- one.
I'm still in the progress of restoring her, but first some details about her history.
From her birth in 1977 till her retirement in 1994, she served as an M880 under the U.S. flag in Germany. 1994 is the year that I bought her.
I've been improving her ever since:
-4" suspension lift
-bucket seats instead of couch
-stainless steel exhaust (custom, dual)
-stainless steel fuel tank (custom, 120 litres)

But then, after enjoying to ride this wonderful truck for five years, I made the decision to overhaul her completely. The other choice was to keep on using her and watch her slowly rotting away. As this was no real option to me, I decided to start an overhaul.

Luckily, I found a great place to do this overhaul in a barn nearby my home.
The chassis has now been blasted and painted (3 layers of primer and 6 layers of chassis coating), so I can start rebuilding her.
And I have made several improvements:
-suspension lift back to 2" above original
-custom 3 point cab suspension instead of 4 point (to improve chassis flex)
-2.5" body lift as result to 3 point cab suspension
-new rear spring hanger (4" higher)
-shackle inversion on rear spring (4" higher)
-due to rear suspension, no blocks necessary
-custom step side bed
-custom rear disc brake conversion (same callipers and discs as on front axle)
-new front cross member (custom)
-new rear cross member (custom)
-transfer case converted from one stick to two sticks
-airco compressor converted to provide onboard air
-small improvements on engine (bigger intake and carb)

Some minor changes on the sheet work:
-cut-back front fender for 35" tires
-mix from '76 and '77 fronts ('77 grill, driving lights instead of turn signals, '76 turn signals below grill)
-custom "scoop" on hood

But, pictures tell more....

Greetings from the Netherlands.
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Awesome Job ;) Keep us posted.
And finally................. some pics of the e-brake set-up at the rear of the transfer case. This was because of the rear disc set-up. The original e-brake was scrapped together with the original drums, so the new disc brakes needed another e-brake.
I opted for a custom system at the rear of the transfer case to keep it as clean and safe as possible from dirt and damage.

Your doing some awesome work :D. I love the e-break set up. Is that a custom rotor or a modified unit? What did you use for a caliper? I am looking for options for my RC. Thanks for keeping us posted.
Thanks for the info. ;)
Looking great ;).
Your doing such a clean fab job.Everything is looking like it belongs there & I love that "E" brake setup. What do you do for work ?
I thought you were a  metalworker  at one point in time.
Great work on the fab.
Next step looks like a big one.
Keep us posted with lots of pics ;D.
You are doing a great build up & restoration!
Anything new???
Congrats on your new son!!
We need pics of the progress on your truck ;).
Gerhart said:
O.K., if you arrange some "progress" in my financial situation ;D, I will arrange some progress and the pics as well ;D
If I arrange some "progress" in your financial area who is going to do it for me ;D. I would if I could but I can't so I won't ;) :D ;D
Your son looks wonderfull !!
You know how we need the picture fixes :p.
Hows your new son?
Truck is looking good ;).
Anything new? ;)
What kind of additional mods are you thinking?
8) 8) 8)
Cool!! Great to see progress! I bet it's easer to work on the top with out tires ;).
Anything new???
Gerhart said:
Originally like the ones on the picture, but I have made another design for some other fellow Dodge drivers like the one in the drawing. (dimensions in millimeters).
What is the diameter of the rotors you are using? I know they are 1977 W200 1.187" thick but I need to know the diameter. The rotors I am going to use are D60 fronts with a diameter of 12.875". I am starting to play with my D60HD :D. Anything new on yours??
Thanks, Jim
Thanks for the Info & a +1 for ya!!!
I was trying to see if your drawing will work on my D60 rear & if I shift the caliper out .025 I think it'll be fine. I'll double check the numbers this week before I have the brackets cut out. Any pics on the hood project?
I didn't see the hood mod before but as I look closer now it looks like it is raised in the center rear area. Is it for clearance or to remove heat from the engine bay? Show us a side or rear shot & I think It'll be easer to see. Good to see progress!
BradicusX said:
Zer gut Gerhart! {cool}
{think} {think} {think}
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