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Lots of changes in my Garage

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Hey Everyone,
Glad to see there has been some activity recently, I have been awall for awhile but a lot has changed. First off I got a new truck a 74 trailduster, 440, headers, dana 60 front and rear, locker, 6 in lift, 40in boggers etc, Needs some more work before I am totally comfortable with it but this new toy means I must part with my other baby so if anybody knows anyone that wants a 78 ramcharger let me know, I gotta sell it and not gonna look to get too much out of it, or I may just part it out. I got plent of projects so if anyone is around corvallis and is bored, let me know. Also I hope to be adding pics soon so I will let eveyone know the the td is a bad ass
My number is (541)752 0842 (bryan)
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Good to hear from ya. Sounds like you got a good project... Let me know if ya need some help on it.

Do you have seats?
Hey, you still have it for sale? How much you looking to sell it for, Im kinda on a budget since Im a college student but let me know cuz I am looking for an offroading rig since I am too attached to my trucks paint to offroad it. Take it easy.

[email protected]
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