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Lost significant power & harder to start- blame the fuel line?

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As some of you know I replaced my fuel line by bending my own, and the interior diameter of the new line is slightly smaller than the stock (about 2/10ths of an inch diameter, the stock was about 3/10ths). Now I've lost power- It's got it there and I can feel it, just like it's holding back. It's also much harder to get running in the mornings. It'll usually start up, but then die after just a second of running. I can do that three or four times before it starts running good, unless I gas it and rev it for a bit on the first or second try.

Could the smaller diameter fuel line be to blame, or is something else my culprit. I just replaced both the fuel filters (how i broke the fuel line), and the oil is pretty fresh, and everything else is good except the air filter is getting aged (I'm saving up for K&N. What do you think?

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l just went thru this the last couple of days with my RC / all new line / it got a little better / new fuel pump /it got some what better / fixed it for good last night / cut a hole in the floor to get to the sending unit / the sending unit elbow looked like a flute/ [crude fix - not for children] l broke the elbow off and used copper FRIG ice maker tubing shoved as far down into the sender as l could get / put some epoxy around it and hooked up the gas line / fuel problems ALL fixed / it was driving me nuts all week
So what would be the proper way to fix that...?

the proper way would be a new sending unit
And to do that on my truck, I'd have to drop the fuel tank, right?
BurnOut said:
And to do that on my truck, I'd have to drop the fuel tank, right?

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