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Loss of bearing preload...(Fixed!!!)!

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Just pulled a Dana-30 front diff apart last night for a hellatious whine at all speeds. Pulled the diff cover and ran it with all 4's up, and it clearly was coming from the pinion area. So, now I've gutted the diff, and am ready to set it back up with new pinion bearings. Thing is, the bearings/races look great, w/ zero pitting, and the pinion bearing preload before I disassembled it was next to zero. Should be 6-8 in lbs for a "used" gear set.

So, the question is, was the too low preload causing the whine, (carrier bearings look just a s good BTW) or could bearings that look great still cause a VERY loud whine. At very low speeds, I could even hear distinct click... clicks.
Any thoughts,
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they sell spacers to eliminate crush sleeves, you may have got one. If you have to much preload with the nut tight add some shim to the spacer.
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