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looking for ideas on custom parts (welding)

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I have a buddy that will owe me about $1200 in welding work. I am planning on getting a good BBQ pit and put the rest in the RC if possible. I already have good bumpers. I am planning on him putting a reciever on the back bumper and building a game rack. Any other ideas??
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roll bar, shackle flip
Add a roof rack wired for lights.
If the game rack is for the rear, how about a brush gaurd with room for a winch on the front?
Yep roll bar(s) Snatch points on the front and rear bumpers,skid plate, nerf bars, differential covers. etc etc
Hey Andrew, I'll be in Kingsville next weekend with my RC doing some work at my shop. Stop by and check out my RC. It might give you a few ideas for projects.
if you are gonna go big on the tires get a nice swing out spare carrier added to yours bumpers.....I got my welding buddy working on one right now....

how about some skid plates?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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