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We're checking various engine suppliers to replace the mill in "now" my son's 64 Buick, his nickel ;D !! He plans to replace the V6 225 with a Chevy 350.
I also need a reliable asset to likewise replace the 318 in my 1985 RC should the need suddenly materialize. If anyone is familiar with Powertrain Products.. would be interested re comment.
1. If you have a good comment...great some details would be nice..
2. If you have anything different re no# 1 just comment.. No Comment !

Btw. In our part of FL there was a engine rebuilding enterprise, which will remain unnamed, to whom I was leaning toward for a rebuild or a remanfactured mill. It had... HAD a very, very good rep, for over 30 years til the original owner sold it. It all changed very quickly, now I'm reading horror stories. We tend to forget businesses are just like people & fruit, very perishable. Thanks.. EDDIEK
We checked a few already and didn't like what we read. So now we're getting very cautions. Back in the day a local shop wouldn't last long if they did shoddy work. Now they can go on line and ship out and away. These people however look like the real thing.. But we're still reviewing customer comments on their site... and wherever else on line..

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the chebby will bolt up to the BOP tranny but only 4 bolts = other wise he needs a chebby tranny

NOTE / BOP = buick-olds- pontiac has a slightly different tranny bolt pattern

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Thank you, Dodgeboys and all.... ???
Looks like this will be an extended deliberation by my son.  He's perfectly capable, having installed a High performance eng in his Honda back in the 80s. He's learned that a Chevy swap into the Skylark isn't a cure all as it poses just another set of problems. He just told me last night that he's having major doubts now about going outside the Buick, Div. He's a family man, going up in mgt at an international business. That has imposed a predisposition in his thinking (we old guys call that maturing)🤪. He said he must think long term an  is leaning toward an engine that is proven reliable, practical, cost effective, powerful, and of course not a finicky high maintenance PITA. So I'll let him work the problem. I appreciate the advice in view of the fact that this is an RC, Pick up, Ram site. My guess is he will put either a stock Buick carbuerated 350 or a 400 no computer with a Super Turbine 400. Now to find it...
Regards again to all..
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