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Lokar High Tech Kickdown cable

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Just put the finishing touches on this thing today> I LOVE it! Ever since I swapped engines in my truck I have always had problems with the kickdown linkage due to the design of the Mopar M1 DP intake and the vertical intake bolts on the Magnum heads (see;id=20 pic#17). This put the mounting bracket for the kickdown assy too high and the operating angles were all screwed up, I could never get a firm enough shift without the linkage running out of travel wich resulted in not being able to actually open the thing up to WOT completely. Enter the Lokar Kickdown cable .

I bought it thru Summit . It has been the BEST $53.00 I have spent since putting the new engine in. The install instructions are pretty vauge and you also need their mounting bracket to make the carb end hookup, but overall it`s very well constructed,of braided cable and some really slick machined billet ends.. I neglected to order the bracket and fabbed it up with some stuff I have had laying around (pics on request). Overall it has made what was once a constant compromise in kickdown adjustment into a simple deal. I can now set the trans to upshift at part throttle basically exactly where I want it AND I have full throttle range to boot, a win win deal.
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