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lift/level for 2wd dodge

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I need to lift the front of my truck 1993 d-350 cummins turbo diesel dually.

I need to lift/level the front of my truck the front sits about 2 in lower than the back it really bugs me i feel like i am driving with my nose in the dirt what would be the best way to do this and where would i find the only thing i have found is those screw in thigs i dont like. I could allso lift the whole truck if there is a kit to do it because i need to replace the rear springs they are shot and one is broke.
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Just curious, why is the back end higher than the front in the first place? Do you have air shocks or load levelers in the back?
Check around for spring manufacturers.. have them make a set of coils for you truck that'll hold it 2 in higher..
Aaron Wyse
Your truck sits higher in the back because it is a heavy duty truck. If you plan to haul the weight it is designed for, the springs in the back will not allow the rear to sag to the ground. Most one tons are designed to level out under a load.

Also, the Cummins is the heaviest engine put into a Dodge truck. (Over 800lbs dry weight) If your front springs are old, they can sag alot more under the weight of the engine.

If you don't ever plan to use the truck as a hauler, you can level it out either by lowering the rear. You can do this by pulling a few leaf springs out which will also make it ride smoother or lifting the front with fresh springs. If you have a big truck suspension shop nearby, they maybe able to make you some new coil springs which will give you alittle more lift and support the added weight of the Cummins. You may also want to look into an air ride system for both the front and rear if you want both lift and hauling capability

thank you for the info the truck will be used to haul what should i do abuot the broken leafs in the back? is there any thing specail about the dually leafs or are they just 1 ton springs and where would i get them i would like to lift the whole truck 2-3 in
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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