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lift kits vs adda leaf

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Like I said in a previous post I want to get some more hieght on my truck eventually. What are the pros and cons between a lift kit or and add a leaf and also raising the body a little. This truck pulls a trailer and gets loaded with mulch etc. I don't want a lot of hieght just a little. Also would like to increase the load capacity just a skosh. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated.
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lift kits are great because you can get so many different kits but they are much more expensive than add a leafs. using add a leafs will stiffen up the ride but the amount of lift is very unpredictable. you can tailor a lift kit to your need by shopping different manufacturers. i bought a tough country kit for my truck and then modified if to get rid of the rear blocks and level the truck. body lifts are cheap and easy to install but they can cause other problems like putting the fan too close to the fan shroud and steering linkage problems too
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