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lift kits vs adda leaf

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Like I said in a previous post I want to get some more hieght on my truck eventually. What are the pros and cons between a lift kit or and add a leaf and also raising the body a little. This truck pulls a trailer and gets loaded with mulch etc. I don't want a lot of hieght just a little. Also would like to increase the load capacity just a skosh. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated.
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Thanks guys, how will adda leaves affect ride? I realize to increase load can increase stiffness.
I was looking at the rough country lift system. Anyone got any experience with it or something similar?
I was thinking that with the Rough Country system which has rear leaves. If the leaves will lift the truck they will surely take a little more load than stock springs. Right or wrong? Add a leaves and a small body lift definitly look cheaper, but I've found in life that what starts out cheaper don't always end up that way.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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