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I want to lift body of my truck a couple of inches to add bigger tires.
Is this something that I can do myself or do I need to have an expert do it ?

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you can definetly do a body lift.

make sure you have capable lifting devices and or many strong buddies.

some things to consider, is automatic transmission column shifter linkage needs to have a small piece of metal welded as an extension.

the steering column may need to be adjusted a little.

plus you may have to move your fan shroud down a notch.

with the fenders/core support/radiator being moved upwards, the bottom of the shroud gets that mouch closer to making contact with the fan blade.

you may need to check fuel filler

its pretty simple but those are the things to look out for.

it is much cheaper to do it your self. price can get real steep when having it done "professionally"
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