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I have been missing the mounting hardware for one of the lift gate struts for my 77 Trailduster. I found that this  "Hood Lift Support SACHS SG367018 fits 11-15 Hyundai Sonata" and "GordonGlass 10MM Ball Stud with 5/16-18 threads for Gas Spring/Prop/Strut (2 Pack) | For Automotive Lift Supports, BS10MM2"  will do the job.

I only used this on one side, the other had the original hardware, and OEM replacement strut, Stabilus SG314016. So I can't guarantee  that 2 Hyundai supports will be strong enough to hold it up, the piston diameter is a little smaller than the OEM strut.

My lift gate works properly for the first time since I owned the truck, at least 25 years. ;D

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