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let's build an engine test stand or 2

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This isn't something we all need to have around all the time, but an engine test stand is a good thing to have for testing and fine tuning your new motor before dropping it into the truck.
We should build 2 for all local members to use, 1 for small blocks and another for big blocks. I have plenty of steel, but we would also need a couple donor tranny bell-housings, some radiators, and someone with a welder. And if we come up with a good design package, we could document it and sell the plans. I suggest the small block be capable of LA and Magnum engines, V6 and V8, which means the front part has to be capable of both types of mounts and adjustable/moveable.
Anybody up for this?
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Sounds like a good idea to me. I could draw up the plans on AutoCad. They are fairly easy to build. My grandpa has built 3 ro 4 of them for people and one for himself. He put a 320 cubic inch Hudson straight six race motor on it, that is a kick ass motor. You should hear that thing run. Anyhow, if you make it adjustable, you could fit just about any size motor on it, thats what my g-pa did. I will talk to him and see if he can give me some tips.
I have a set of plans coming that I got off eBay, but it is probably for a chevy. Still, it is a place to start. I suspect from the pic that it is for neutral balance engines only. I suppose we could make up an adapter flywheel kit so a weighted torque convertor and tranny housing would not be needed for the 360. I took some initial measurements on the 360 in the back yard. Making the front part fully adjustable has to be the way to go, especially for small blocks. Wiring up a control panel will be easy. All you need is engine temp and an ignition system. Oil pressure can be done directly with a small gauge right in the sender hole.
It just so happens that I have both, a small block and a big block engine the get the measurements from. I don't have a welder, but I can definantly help out on the electrical ;D
That would be fun project. Hm, I just happen to have a welder, and a grinder, and some gauges....and a few radiators and fans and things...
now we need a place, a time, and a bunch of guys to do a mock-up or 2. I can provide a vacuum gauge, probably an oil pressure guage, some steel, some uni-strut, etc.
Did everybody give up on this idea?
If all goes well tomorrow, I will be dragging home the perfect start for this item. It is a steel frame on wheels, 32"x63", and would be easy to modify to make an engine test stand. That is big enough to also mount trannies as well.
It would also be portable, fits into the back of any truck, and not too heavy to handle alone. I have all the steel necessary, some 360 brackets that came off the 87 RC that we stripped, and most of the tools needed. No welder, though, also no welding skills. We need a radiator, some instrumentation, tranny mounts, rear tranny driveshaft yoke to keep the fluid in the tranny, etc.
Good time frame would be some time in February to build this.
I have a stand almost done, about 6' long 2' wide. Rad is mounted on front, and the engine mounts are adjustable for big or small block. I need to get the tranny mount done through some casters on it, and mount the gauges. I made a seperate frame with a small sheet metal face to mount the gauges. I got a welder too :) If so I could bring mine over and build both together, incentive to start working on mine again. Been way too lazy over the long past holidays. :(
at the least I need to come look at that....
one of these days I will need to be over that way and will contact you in advance for a look see.
ok no problem. let me know.
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