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Legislature Trying to Pass New Emissions Bill

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Hey guys!

The following link was passed on to me by our newest member, Jim (varmintj)...thank you, Jim!

It pertains to a lot of you; be sure to check it out...and support it. Right now it's in the House (HB 2387). If it passes, Arizona legislation would provide an emissions inspection exemption for older cars. Twenty-five years old to be exact...that's pre-1979 as of right now for those of you who don't want to do the math (Nick)! :p

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot to add that this is another one of those little "perks" of living in a rural community...we don't have to do emissions testing for any year vehicle! Woo-hoo! ;D
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Love it, I only have to pass one more time with the chick magnet.....
This is a direct quote from House Bill 2238 reguarding emissions exemptions...

(a) A motor vehicle manufactured in or before the 1966 model year that bears a model year date of original manufacture that is twenty-five years old or older.

thats right ladys and gentlemen, 1978 and older EMISSIONS FREE
Congratulations, you Maricopa County dwellers! ;D
damn, i must have misread or something, oh well
May be next session they will act on it, keep your fingers crossed.
Scroll down to "Vehicle Emissions Inspection Exemption", I think we are one step closer, It looks like this bill has been signed by the gov (bless her heart ... :) ). I looks to me like it's in the hands of the ADEQ now.
Hooray! The chick magnet (79Volare Wagon) is 25 this year.
yeah my truck turns 25 in Janurary, guess i'll wait to do my exhaust last ;D
I've got my fingers crossed but ADEQ was against this. The law now requires the ADEQ to petition the EPA to allow the 25 year old vehicle exemption, the ADEQ has to supply data to the EPA showing this will not have an adverse effect on the valley air quaility. I feel it will eventually get approved by the EPA but a person could get awful blue in the face if they are holding their breath waiting for it. :mad:
Most of the older cars that are being used as daily drivers are not in the parts of the state that require emissions testing.
I drive a 79 Volare wagon frequently in the Phoenix area, and seldom see another car that old on the road. Probaby less than 1% of the cars on the road can claim to be 25 or older.
Mine still passes emissions easily, but it may not when the new motor goes in.
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