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leaking front axle Q???

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Hi first post,
I bought a 92 ramcharger and the front drivers side axle is leaking how many seals are in this side of the axle? also how difficult are they to replace?I am a little worried about all the vacuum motor stuff over there I dont want to tear it apart and not get it back correctly.Thanks,
Chris M.
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Well that is my problem I pulled the axle out when I was repacking wheel bearings and replacing ball joints and tie rod ends. I looked in the axle tube and saw the bearing that goes in the end of the outer axle shaft is the seal i'm looking for closer to the diff than that??Or is there a seal missing completely the hanes manual kind of shows one on the axle itself but that didnt look right.Thanks
Now it does thanks,there is nothing on the end of the tube to stop the lube from running right out there is a groove in the end of the tube that I thougnt looked like something was suppost to be there Thanks again,
Im pretty sure theres no seal there i didnt see one does it go in between the ring that is around the back of the u joints and the axle tube?
There wes definatly no bearing on the end of the axle tube.There is nothing from my u-joints back to the cad unit inside the axle.or on the axle
Well I haven't had time to fix it yet but I am going to this weekend.Thanks for clearing that up for us.Now what does the seal look like and where can I find it is it a dealer item if you ask the peeps and auto zone or napa they look at you like you are on crack and always try to hand you the seal for the wheel bearings. Thanks
Yea that sounds like the plan or just go to the dealer I know the part will be right then.Thanks a million
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