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MoparManiac78 said:
Sorry took so long to respond.. The truck had to be driven about 10 or 15 miles knocking to get it home. I would have had a friend tow me but noone was avalible. So if I do the spark plug wire check thing, I don't think it will cause anymore damage then already has occured. But once I find the culprit, I pull the pan, then waht? Is my crank likely to be damaged? Can I just pull the rod cap off and put a new bearing in it?

At the point you heard Knock 1 time this is what should occur, this is for everyone, as fast as possible shut the truck/car off, then either call someone on your cell/or walk to the nearest phone, to come pull/push you home, or pick you up, if not walk , then all you will need to do is get the truck pushed/pulled/towed home, and replace a rod bearing , driving it will make you start the new motor project, that if you weren't looking to start, guess what, you just did, break out the hoist now and pull the motor.
Every time it spins knocking, more metal gets rubbed off more damage to the crank more metal getting to other places screwing other things up
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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