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killercuda's 85RAM T/A TRUCK

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here's the link to my truck pictures ........ tell me what you guys think?? its easier with this link than trying to get you to my photo album hope it works!! ;D,v=display,b=pics,m=1044323838


edit: fixed your link
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where did you get that hood scoop at???
Holy S...that's gotta be one of, if not the, sweetest Ram i've ever seen!!! {bigeyes}{bigeyes}
jimbo.......its a demon hood scoop .....i ordered it from year one 185$ i think!! it bolts on it really worked out good! ;D

Ramtuff.......Thanks alot man!!!!! i think i succeeded in making a mopar banner out of it anyways!! lmao!! it stands out like a sore thumb!! lol!! ;D
man dude that truck is sweet. how do you do the ram's head in the tail gate? and how did you get the "ram" on the back? have any more pics. that truck is badass
sweet truck love the hood where can i get one?? lol...
Ramcharger_dude84............the hood scoop is from a duster/demon i ordered it from year one just look for factory parts suppliers for them alot of people sell aftermarket reproductions of them mine cost 185$ good luck!! ;D
you did a damn good job on your truck. Love the tail gate.
that is cool i like the shave job this summer i hpoe to get back to my old ram what size pipe is that
SWWALTW.......THAT I USED ON THE FRENCHED IN ANTENNA??? IF SO LOL!! its one of those find what works!! i just happened to be doing chain link fence around the house just so happens that the top rail peices i cut off happened to be the right size!! thats what got used plus it was galvanized so a plus for the rust factor too i guess!! "got it use it" !!!!!! lol!! later man!!

p.s. corner posts are the right size for the projector beam light ....front bumper frenching................lmao!! ;D
Great looking truck. Where did you get that tailgate? I've been looking for a smooth one but have not had any luck. Looks good with the roll pan and filled in tail lights also. You did a good job.
Beautiful Love the 70 tooooo..........Both of them

have you thought of lowering it or are you going to stay with the prostreet look your tail lights are the led's or a normal light
NICE!!!!! I LOVE stuff that stands out from the crowd, and your truck certainly does.

REMSJEM....the tailgate we built ...... all you need to smooth the gate is a peice of flat sheet steel and someone to weld it and a little body work...... the tailgate handle doesnt even need to be relocated .......if you look on the inside of your tail gate on both sides theres a little lever on both sides just pull up on them together and shes open !! i made them a little longer on mine but they work great..... plus non - ram owners can't figure it out!! lmao!!

SWWALTW...... it is lowered at least as far as it can be running the 50s maybe someday i'll come up with some 20s "wishful thinking" and i'll go lower! the tail lights are just regular round trailer lights mounted on a custom mount that i made ....(but leds would be cool) i'll add that to the list!! lol!! nice chattin with ya man!!

ramcharger400.....thanks man.......the 70 truck will be somethin!! if i can figure out which way i want to go with it!! lol!! later man!

ChrisLib.........yeah me too......your right it stands!! but the only problem is at the shows those shallow ferd and chebby owners don't get it !!! it takes a mopar person to understand the t/a theme most people have never even seen a t/a!!!!!!! lmao!! poor a$$holes!!! lmao!! ::) ;D later man!!
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Bump-0 ;D
That Truck Rocks!
I love it, beutiful and mean at the same time.
that truck kicks ass. been wanting a demon scoop on my 78, now i know where to get one.
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