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I don't know how many times I have had to tell people to keep your distance when off roading!
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Especially when you have young novices sharing the trails with you.
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I've seen kids do some really stupid things there because they lack the forethought and a sense of physics.
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This incident was in the Hollister Hills OHV park near Watsonville in California. I saw a few bad incidents when 4wheelin there.
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Which is all fine and dandy until you realize you didn't think you may be in a bad situation by not putting as much distance between you and them as you can.
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This guys problem was a carb stall. Then trying to turn on a hill slope! Always make sure your floats are set right so you don't stall and your brakes are 100% so you can back down without turning.
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They were lucky not to be seriously hurt or killed by loose items falling out of the rolling Chevy truck!
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Jeeps, Suzuki Samurai's, Toyota's and FJ40s are the most roll prone vehicles I ever saw on the trail. They are so narrow their tendency to flip is far greater than the bigger trucks!
But never underestimate the ability of a novice driver even in a big truck.
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Just think everyone out there is a potential stupid accident. Don't be a victim by placing yourself too close to any trouble out there!
Stay safe my friends.
Anything is possible.
Especially an accident.
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