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I need a 4bbl carb for my 360 junkyard rebuild, and pickins are very slim here, I find the usual Chebbie stuff, but no Mopar carbs I could rebuild. So, anyone on their next trip to the larger JY's in the Valley, if you could help me out that'd be greatly appreciated. And of course, if anyone has a rebuildable carb already, I.M. me and fill me in. Good stuff in the yards is hard to come by, but worse when you're out in "Chebbieville", aka Lake Havasu City.

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What kind of carb are you looking for? TQ, QJ, Holley?

FWIW, there are several QJ's and TQ's in the JYs around here....
I'm lookin for a TQ for mid 80's 360.

Thanx for the reply GP,
The block is still at the shop, the heads are under my work bench, and the rest is sprawled all over the garage. No hope of coming together in the next month, especially with so many unanswered questions. No motor mounts, no carb/intake, no cam/lifters, etc. So, any help in the near future is appreciated.
As far as junkyard stuff, the Thermoquad is probably it for the motivational needs, but lord knows there's lot of other little stuff needed. Just like everyone else. Headliner, interior trim, liftgate glass (painful story), cruise servo, etc. That stuff will have to wait for a personal visit sometime. I actually find myself in Vegas much more often than PHX, so maybe that avenue will be explored soon. #1 priority is getting a new heart for the old girl so I can reliably get out and back on trips.
Namely, with you fellers in the Valley, since yer so bunched up and all.
Thanx, Mike
Mike just to let you know, there are a few yards here with the parts you need, maybe except for the glass. When AZ_trailduster and I went to the yards a couple of weeks ago, we found a headliner, plenty of four barrels and trim. We also found a cruise servo, but they wanted like forty bucks for it, which seemed like too much. If you were to make a trip out here, we could be your junk guides. Just thought I would pass that along.

Thanx for the heads up, it'll be a little while before I get to worry on cosmetics over mechanical, but when the time rolls around (like December) I'll be down. BTW, the local yard had a pile of at least 20 GM Q-jets, You'd think I'd find at least one TQ, but no deal. I'm still looking :eek:!!

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