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KANSAS People Heading to Ram Jam on THURSDAY 7/3

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Anybody that is planning on going to Ram Jam in Randolph, KS on Thursday July 3rd please go to the KS Chapter board. Sam and everybody else that is coming up from the south/southwest on Interstate 35 would like to stop along the way to let others join the convoy.

If you are heading to Randolph on Thursday, please post in the KS board so Sam knows. That way if there isn't going to be anybody to meet they don't have to make a stop for nothing. I've already offered my place as a possible meeting site because it is convenient for them to stop at. If there are other desires or suggestions please post them in the KS board.;action=display;threadid=21564


EDIT: I'm probably not going to be around that day so contact dodge88.
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Ok, it looks like Eric has some personal business that he has to take care of, so we'll have to have another meeting place. I think the Wal-Mart on East Kellogg and Greenwich will be the easiest place to meet up. They have a huge parking lot, restrooms, and fuel, so anyone can take a break and have plenty of places to park. Anyone that is wanting to meet up with the convoy, call me on my cell phone: 316-253-7351. I am going to go driving on I-35 today to make sure I get the right directions to the store, and I will post them here later on today.

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