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Just another day @ work

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man that is just way cool. ill be back. got to go watch discovery wings some more


love helicopters
Get back to work man. The Captains been looking for his bird all day! ;D ;D ;D

Good shot man.

SOOO JEALOUS.... that job looks like it is terrible, really it does ;D ;D

whoa! ;D
That looks like a rocky perch you got there GP
AWESOME, thanks for defending my FREEDOM
that is the best office in the world
Thats one hell of a place to be without a toolbox !! Or a "chute" ! LOL Sure glad the wind didn't pick up LOL
What a beautiful "office".
The background is a sight for these sore ol eyes !!
Now if you only would have had DMAFB in the background there ! Mabe parked on Mt. Lemon ,(are the fires out yet),or "A" Mountain ! I can dream can't i ??
Now that's what I call the ultimate job! {cool}
That's way cool.{cool}
Nice place for a pit stop. Hope the local DNR guys didn't see you LOL
Just what is laying up there behind your oversized "propeller"??
Who took the picture ??
you got the coolest job in the corps, but dont forget us poor saps who fix the birds when you guys fry the starters and overtorque the heads :p
No wonder God doesn't feel sorry for you and send rain to Casa Grande, your already blessed.......
Nice pics GP, what elevation are you at there?
Great pics there GP, I always have liked the desert in AZ. Thanks for sharing them with us and for defending our freedoms.

i1lusion said:
Nice pics GP, what elevation are you at there?
It's only about 3800' MSL. But the ground is less than 1000' MSL, so it looks pretty high.

That's Kino Peak on Organ Pipe National Monument. I took a park ranger up there to install a radio repeater. The place I landed was the only place on the whole peak big enough to put the skids.

The drop under the tail rotor is about 1500' straight down.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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