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Just an idea Sam...............

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As we all know, a member of RCC passed away this weekend, I was thinking that maybe a flower fund would be a good idea in order for the RCC family to par thier respects to members who are injured or god forbid pass on.

Just a thought Sam.

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excellent idea, we should as RCC send something, perhaps a wreath?
Im in for it, i think we should do something.
Foxy and Kyot are looking into a bank that will not charge a fee for us to make donations to in canada, and as for the flower thing i think that is an exceptional idea also maybe something like from your extended family at RCC and all our love and prayers or something to that effect would be a good idea also. I have to say i feel terrible about this especially when she was in chat worried sick when he was a few hours late getting home and she asked if the race was over, i now wish it wasn't rained out, i also wonder if he was found earlier if this wouldn't have been the outcome, i had a horrible feeling we might get news like this although i was hoping for a different turn of events, and i was in shock when i seen that post, i didn't read it at 1st, hoping it was a real off joke, it sucks when they were people you knew and spoke to and had fun with, and it's times like this that the internet can be a burden, it's great when we all have fun and play around with each other, and i sit and wish i could come by and hang out with all of you, it's even worse in a time like this when it makes me feel F'ed up that i can't be there when i feel i should be there, especially when i consider all of you my friends.
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We have been planning this, I have asked kyot to find me an address or paypal account she has.
Hey guys, just a suggestion based on my personal opinion. Rather than spending the money on flowers, which will die in a few short days, why don't we utilize the money raised to purchase things to help out with the baby...diapers, food, baby wipes, etc.

I just know that, to me, things like that would be much more useful and appreciated than flowers.

Is there anyone close enough to Wendy in Canada that could do the shopping for us and deliver or send the items?
I just plan on collecting fund for her and sending the cash. If kyot can find her address, or even a paypal account, everyone can just send it to those.
Sorry guys, I was unaware that they had a child, I did not know dodgeboy personally, but had chatted with him in the chat room a few times, I must say that Twisters idea is an excellent one. Just let me know where to send the money.

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