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It lives

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Well last might we dropped in the 383 again (wrong oil pan) and did a make shift fuel system. She fires up first try. :D The truck has a bad exhaust systrem however. I had to move it off my friends concrete slab, so she moved under its own power also. Just have to figure out the wiring and get a rad for it. :-\ Easy thing is just hook up a battery, jump the starter relay and she runs. The key is useless. Oh well at least it runs for now. I got till wed to junkyard savange and find a harness, and rad. It also needs a front drive shaft also.
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If you want I have a extra ft driveshaft and a rad. I don't know if rad holds coolant. I also have most of the wiring out of a 78 trailduster. Let me know if you want any of this stuff.
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