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Is It A Locker?

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I'm looking at a 96 ram 1500 and I have a question. The rear (9 1/4) is locked. This might be good if it's a locker! It came from the factory with a limited slip, anybody ever had a L/S lock up and act like a locker due to wear? A guy at a used lot has it and doesn't know the history, I jacked it up and checked and it is definetly locked and I really want that to be on purpose. Just wondering if anyone else might have a better idea without popping the cover off. Thanks!
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Well I highly doubt that the limited slip would lock tight unless it go so hot the clutches fused together. The only way I can see this happening is if all of the fluid was out of the diff for an extended period of time. If the fluid was out that long I would think it would have fried the bearings also.


Oh yeah... someone might have welded something in the diff to lock it also....
What does it do when you drive it..? Does it actually drag or spin one wheel around a tight corner ?

If it is truly locked one wheel has got to slide because of the different distances travelled in arcing around a corner.
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