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is it a 318 or a 360

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I blew the motor in my 86 ram (318). Now I got 240,000+ miles out of it so I was'nt real upset so halheartidly I started looking for a replacement. Found one + it had a 727 still hooked to it so it was a bonus. Well guys/gals let me tell you I learned something about identifying motors from chryl. First the cubic inch is located on the starter side of the block, its the last 3 didgets after the -(dash) and on the oposite side is the month day and year that block was cast. I thought I had a 318 the guy who sold it to me said it was out of an 85 rv. turns out its a 360 and was built in 1975 not 85 . Don't get me wrong I'm still going to use it but I tell you for the past week I' ve pulled my hair out trying to figure out exactly whay I had. The moral don't just take someones word for it < GET DOWN AND LOOK!
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lol, I traded an 89 GMC with a 4.3 V6 for my 84 RC. The guy knew the GMC had a V6 and told me the RC had a 318. When I was looking it over, I saw those 3 nice numbers on the block...360. I did a compression check and then said thank you for the nice 318, here's my title. ;D
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