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intake will it fit?????

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will the intake from a 95 efi 318 fit on a 84 318 or will i need to swap heads too?i'v been reading alot about the megasquirt injection system for my sand rail now i'm thinking about putting it on the truck too but useign this intake would be alot cleaner that fabbing up my own intake heres the style i'd want to use.i'm hopping to do this swap somtime this summer becasue i'm sick of my damn far everyone i'v talked to has had no problems with useing this ecm

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Nope, it won't be a direct bolt up. The LA manifolds have the manifold bolts going into the heads at and angle and the magnum intakes have the bolts going straight down. I'm not sure about swapping heads though. Someone else might know if they interchange.
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