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Submitted By: Taz_man440
Date: February 10, 2009, 02:24:04 AM
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White Face Gauges - RCC official Stir stick

(Figure 1)​

This will allow you to separate the cluster into 3 pieces.
1.clear cover.
2.light reflector.
3. Gauges.

While you have it separated, now is a good time to wash the clear cover w/ warm soapy water and let dry. The light reflector will probably have to have the “engine maint” and “seatbelt” light covers aligned and glued back in to position where they look good.

(Figure 2)​

Now for the gauges….

The Speedometer is easiest to do if you remove it from the cluster.
** also remember where the needle is pointed**

Remove the 2 screws holding it into the cluster and carefully remove it.

(Figure 3)​

Now for the tricky part. Removing the needle. I used 2 screwdrivers to “pop” off the needle. BE CAREFUL. The spedo needle is very brittle.

(Figure 4)​

To create the gauge overlays, I scanned the gauge faces into my computer. I then inverted the colors, added what ever extra I wanted on there, and printed them out on photo paper.

Now I cleaned the gauge face with rubbing alcohol. Then put an even layer of glue on the face, then press on the overlay on the face and smooth out from the center out to the edge, working your way around the face.

On the other gauges, just remove the 2 nuts on the back of each gauge and remove the entire gauge from the cluster. This makes it easy to glue the overlay on and trim it up.

(Figure 5)​

(Figure 6)​

I cut them a little large and then after the glue has dried, I trim it up with an Exacto knife. Then I put that gauge back in and started on another until they were all finished.

(Figure 7)​

When you have everything finished, just put it all back together, but remember to check all your bulbs to make sure they all work. After it is all together, you can do the “PRND21”. On the back of the cluster there are 2 screws. Remove those screws and the gear indicator will come out. Clean it and then glue from the top down, then press in to the fold and let dry. Re-install the gear indicator. Then go install in the vehicle and enjoy.
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