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Installing drivers side seat adjuster on passenger side.

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Or maybe more likely how not to. I spent the day tinkering before really measuring and it's doable with the right bits to mix and match. Fun thing about old Chrysler is just about every seat part swaps left to right. 90s RC seats replacing 80s RC seats in a 70s RC.

Passenger base is pretty much a drivers base with a few bits added for the latch. Conveniently factory drilled for both sides. Sort of.
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Drivers side tracks from donor pop apart real easy
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Remove the fixed position studs
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Bolt it up like it's a driver's seat and bobs yer uncle
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Until ya try to slide it and find out it's got an entire inch (two notches) of travel
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Going back to the donors from the mid 80s we almost have that inch
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Bolt heads for latch bracket stick down even lower. Nothing you couldn't fix with some serious cutting and light welding. OEM is spotted together.
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New seats are the 90ish / up and the frame / cover are different enough to make it work with different frame mods. Hog rings replaced by plastic clips and a lip.
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Notice how the seat back frame has arm rest mounts on both sides. Most of the time ya can switch a passenger cover to a drivers frame and worst case there's a couple small holes the trim doesn't cover. With cars, it's usually the seat back latch and ya can't see it anyway. When Chrysler was Chrysler.

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