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Submitted By: ProjectM880
Date: October 16, 2008, 06:56:28 PM
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This HowToo shows how to install a DUI (Davis Unified Ignition) Distributor And Live Wires in your Big Block Chrysler.

The vehicle that we are installing this in is a 1977 M880 ( W200) with a 440 big Block.

You will need the following to complete the installation of the DUI Distributor.

1. DUI Distributor For a Big Block Chrysler

2. Live Wire Spark plug wire for a Big Block Chrysler

3. Basic Wrench Set

4. Wire Strippers

5. Wire Crimpers

6. 12ga-18ga Wire

I would also recommend that you replace your spark plugs if they haven't been replace recently. Because you be able to
regap them to .055.

First Of check out your DUI Distributor to make sure everything is included in the box that you need. You can see here the DUI Distributor w/ Instant Timing Knob and Live Wires.

My Current Setup. Stock Dodge ignition system with Moroso 8mm plug wires

Before we start be sure to disconnect your battery. Since we are going from a Stock Dodge Electronic Distributor to the electronic DUI, a full alternator voltage is required. This means eliminating any ballast resistor or original equipment resistance wire.

Disconnect and remove your coil.

Disconnect and remove your ballast resistor

Disconnect and remove your ignition box.

Disconnect the two wires to your Distributor

Before i pulled the distributor i measure the height from the block to get a idea of how much taller the DUI Distributor is. Also pull the cap and check the rotor position so it will be easier to stab the new distributor.

In some cases you will have to change your air cleaner if its to large or has a intake that sticks out toward the Distributor. Now would be a good time to blow of your motor of any dirt, so you don't have any get inside the motor when the distributor is pulled. After a quick measurement and motor is cleaned off disconnect your plug wires and pull the distributor.

Now here is where i ran into to some difficulty. My original wiring harness caught fire and was patched together by the previous owner. So i had to do some more tracing to make sure my wiring would be correct. What you need requires wiring straight from your ignition switch with 12 gauge wire to the Batt terminal on distributor. Find a fuse (Ign Acces) that is on when
the ignition key is switch to the on position. You will also need to connect that wire a to a starting ignition wire which supplies power to the distribtuor while the motor is cranking. I found this wire connect to the ballast resistor.

Note(I do not plan to run this wiring. My original harness was butchered by the previous owner and i plan to rewire with a universal harness very soon. I simple waited so i could show the howtoo with stock wiring. Because most won't be running Universal harness. This install will work fine with a stock harness as long as the wiring is still in good condition)

Now its time to grab your DUI Distributor to install. Remove Distributor cap turn the rotor to were it was when the distributor was removed from the engine. Slide the distributor down into the engine, be sure the rotor is pointing in the correct direction. If its not pull the distributor and stab it again. Re install the hold-down clamp and bolt finger tight. re install the distributor cap.
Connect your ignition wire to the BATT terminal on the distributor. Also you can run some 18 gauge wire to the TACH to connect your Tachometer.

Next lay out your Live Wires shortest to longest. This will give you a better idea on where they will go. Also each wire is labeled with the number cylinder it goes to. 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 Counter clockwise rotation is the 440 firing order.

Be sure to use the supplied Dieletric Grease on the end of the plug wires. this will make it easier to remove later on if necesary.

DUI Distributor Timing Directions- To meet the standards, set your initial timing at O.E.M recommendation which can be found on your hood label or any tune-up manual. For Racing and Off-Road applications, we recommend setting your initial timing at 12 degrees. After tightening the distributor hold-down bolt, recheck the timing mark to make sure it remained at 12 degrees.

This Distributor does not come with a vacuum advance so you will need to cap the vacuum port it was connect to.

DUI has further power timing instruction for Racing and Off-road application which the instruction are included with the distributor.

After that test drive your vehicle. Make sure no pinging is occurring. Check your work and all wiring that you have just done. But other than that be safe, have fun, and unleash the BIG BLOCK POWER!!!!
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