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Illinois member intro and joining post

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Post here to introduce yourselves and join the chapter
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fine with me...we can all meet up somewhere sometime. ;D

im on several boards (i own 7 cars/trucks). ive put together several meets in the past for those boards.:D

cruise season is still at Strats in Villa Park every Tues nite...wherever you guys want can work for me.

ive also put together a huge show and meet with 30 car/truck clubs for sept. 20 in addison...ill post that info on this board too.

Whats up....
My name is Jim, better known ad JD 8) on the boards. I'm in Gurnee (far north east area). My truck is a lifted 85 RC SE package with a 318 on steroids.
Its good to see that this chapter seems to be active and judging by the posts alot of you guys are not too far from me.
The problem in this area is that most of the clubs are Jeep only and judging by some of their runs don't beleave in thrashing their vehicles.
I built mine to wheel it. If I break it then it gives me a reason to upgrade. LOL

JD 8)
Hi, My name is Ryan. I am a mopar man at heart. I have a 71 Dodge Challenger. 72 Dodge Swinger, 74 Swinger, 70 Hemi Cuda engine and tranny from my fathers Hemi Cuda. But the one that is my daily driver now is a 1993 Dodge RamCharger "LE" I picked up for 1600. It is an old Illinois State Vehicle. Has a 360 Magnum. 4x4. Has 161,000 miles on it. As you can see there is a big push bumper. And the bumper is a special that can pull 5000 lbs stock. I am not an off roader or anything. I plan on making it into a "concept" RamCharger R/T eventually. Right now I am just trying to get it working right! I am in Macomb IL right now going to Western Illinois University, but my home is in Skokie Illinois. There was a 90 RamCharger "LE" also there for 1200 though. Not as cool though. Here are a few pics.

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Welcome Ryan.. looks like you've got some nice trucks there..
I only picked up the Blue one. The brown one I was thinking about it but decided against it. Here are two I know of and I am going to pull parts off of when I get back.

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welcome the the chapter.what junkyard are those two ramchargers at?
I'd rather not say. Don't want anyone to go and take the parts I want.

MrMopar83 said:
I'd rather not say. Don't want anyone to go and take the parts I want.

what if i gave you a dollar? ;D
A whole dollar, gee wiz mister alright.... hehe. I don't want much off of it, just anything I can buy/sell to finance my 93 RC R/T... After that we shall see.

well let me know what kind of stuff you get off those trucks. i'm always looking for more parts to add to my collection
hey all my name is bob i am a member of the missouri chapter. i just moved to charleston ill . so i am wanting to join the ill chapter. i have a 1985 rc 360 v8 4x4 am a certified mopar addict. if anyone is close to my area please get a hold of me and we can get togeather. im 41 yrs old wife lisa 35 two kids girl 13 harley/boy 12 robert growing mopar nut. its mopar or no car!!!!!!! my email is [email protected] ;D
welcome to the site man, i wanna see some pics of the 85, i have a 85 myself, it was my first dodge, so that is my fav. year for the r/c' you go offroadin?
i dont have any pics yet but as soon as i figure out this new camera i will. and yes i do go off roading. my mopar luvss imean luvs the mudd and trails. thanks for the welcome.
Hey all. My name is Jeff, I live in Oak Lawn, Just south of midway airport. I have an 84 Ramcharger, 2 tone grey, red interior, 318 2bbl carb with 3 speed auto 2x4. I bought my RC on July 4th for 600$. I have replaced the water pump, radiator, hoses, thermostat, alt belt and alternator, ignition module, so i'm only into it for about $300 so far. Getting ready to drop in a 318 roller cam engine out of a 91 dakota. I am a student at UTI in glendale heights. If looking to sell anything send me the info and #. People at my school always looking for a car. I'm taking the ford program so if u have any ford problems let me know. Looking for a 4 speed auto, passenger side mirror, driverside fender, grille. This is the first dodge i specifically have owned but most of family have been dodge buyers. I also have a 93 Taurus SHO(for the wife and baby). First year of the SHOmatic, has shift kit, will be doing wheels, stereo, and probly neons. If your looking for a beeter car to get around in for better gas mileage let me know, i've got several cars looking to get rid of. And i'm always acquiring more.
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welcome to the site man! i have alotta stuff to you goin to lower your truck? how did you find out about the site?
Yeah I'm thinkin about lowering it but not sure... Just did search for ramcharger and found the site....was the prospector package the chrome trim or what cause mines a prospector....
are you looking for the kind of mirrors that have 3 mounting points? if so i have a few extras laying around
yes those are the mirrors
hi my name is Geoff I live in Belleville IL I have an 84 ramcharger.
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