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Illinois member intro and joining post

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Post here to introduce yourselves and join the chapter
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Hey everyone, my name is Adam and i'm from Crystal Lake( northern IL). I bought an RC in February 2002 and its a great vehicle. My plans for it are to get a 4-5 inch suspension lift and a 2" body lift for it to hopefully fit 35" BFG's under it. It has a stock 318 in it right now but i want to get a 400 or 440 for it some time with less miles.
hey silentbob, thats awesome news, any chance we could see some pics of it.
Welcome to the site man, and way to switch over to the right side, the Mopar side,...anyway you'll find a lot of great information here...oh and maybe fill out some of your profile so we know where you are from an such
1 - 3 of 196 Posts
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