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Ignition upgrade parts

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My wife is working now so I'm looking to upgrade my ignition system. I'm not really sure where to begin. Can't do it all at once. So I can't get a controll box if it has to sit in the box until I get another compatible part. Any help with these would be appreciated
Control box?
Anything I forgot?

Please and thanks to all,
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Well the best bang for the buck and performance in my opinion is the Petronix package which only consists of a distributor and ignition coil and that it. Plus it's made in the USA. You just drop in the distributor and hook it up to the coil and youre driving down the road with the ignition power of an MSD 6A all under the distributor cap with no "box" to mount and wire on the fender well or firewall. You also dont need a ballast resistor either. It even has a built-in rev limiter. I would definitely buy a set of MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor wires or Taylor 8mm or equivalent wires with that system. Champion or NGK V-groove plugs are good. The heat range varies where you live and the engine's work load. Medium heat range is fine for most places I would imagine.
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