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I finally got around to getting a distributor with a vacuum advance - I have one of those lean burn systems. Didn't notice before the old dist. has dual pickups. The new one has just one - which should be sufficient right?
So many questions to follow...
1) Can I hookup just the blue (with black stripe) and orange (with black stripe) (dist. side) to the yellow and black (car side) and leave the other taped off?
FYI the old distributor has one lead solid black & solid Orange and another lead solid blue & solid black.
2) Do I need to swap out ignition modules? Or can I keep the same one?
Also I have not attempted to start vehicle just in case I do some irreparable damage. Timing should be close but will probably need fine tuning.
3) Finally, where do I plug in the vacuum advance at? Somewhere at Carb or the vacuum tree just behind carb that is accessible.

Thanks in advance.
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