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Ignition Codes 12 and 13 What does that mean?

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So my 88 318 177000 R/C puts these codes out.
Any ideas on what this could mean or how to fix it? When the check engine light comes on, it bothers me. Also, I cannot get any power when climbing hill, which I do in North GA. I don't mind the gas money to put into the beast, but I want more umph up deez hills.
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TaZMaNiaK said:
Yeah, you have to clear the codes after you fix the problem. Carb cleaner is fine down that hose (actually it's good for it).. If you still get code 13 after resetting the computer and replacing the hose and sensor (and you have good vacuum att he hose), I don't know what to tell you.. It can't be a broken wire or bad connection because that would set code 14. 13 is only for the vacuum side of that sensor. Let us know..

Matt {peace}
Taz...don't take the codes to heart. Just because it says a vacuum problem does not mean that it is a true vacuum problem. Here's the scoop..the SMEC only sees electrical signals, it does not have any way to actually monitor vacuum. So what the computer is telling you is that the symptoms appear to be vacuum related by the way it's reading the electrical feedback from the sensor. MAP sensor signals have also been known to change from bad vacuum hoses or contaminated hoses. Always replace the hose and I dont recommend using any sort of cleaner in the hose as this can contaminate the MAP. During periods of acceleration and deceleration your vacuum continuously changes and this can actually force dirt and liquids back into the MAP when the throttle closes abruptly and vacuum changes. There are a number of Service Bulletins out about some of these types of problems and one which is really bizarre is when moisture gets trapped in the vacuum hose/MAP and freezes during cold weather...this can block the hose or freeze the MAP and give no starts, hard starts and poor performance until it warms up. Computer codes and CEL lights are only designed to get you somewhere in the area of the fail, after that you have to examine the entire circuit from sensor to SMEC which includes high resistence in connectors, this can skew the signal to the SMEC also.
Try replacing the hose and check the vacuum reading at the source on the manifold. After you replace the hose clear the codes and see if 13 comes back. You could change the MAP also but they run about $60. Good luck.
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Remember..."LAW of CONSERVATION of MATTER-states that matter cannot be created nor destroyed, but only changed in form."? You are right about evaporation but remnants of the chemical still remain. There is no real need to put any liquid cleaner in the port..just take it apart and clean it? Why take a chance? Also if sprayed into the hose, the rubber may deteriorate. If moisture can cause a problem than so can a chemical? Was just a small point to bring up for the best reliability. Peace Brothers!:)
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