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thought you guys or gals should know and maybe help if ya know the guy , i paid for General Lee decal set and the guy took off he had a lot of ebay auctions going on and seemed like a nice guy , well his numbers are gone and emails bad so is his ebay name heres the info ..

I just talked to you. Cell phone went dead for all
the sales I have been doing this morning. Send the
picture of your advertisement to my partner and any
other ideas or sayings on the decal. We can do items
in detail of a wave. Possible water splash style..
Everything is ran by computers for intense detail..
Just send the picture of the 1fastjetski to:
Brian Tingue
P.O. box 51
Main Street
Lyndonville, New York 14098
We will send a sample to you. We will keep in
contact about your order. Thanks for the phone call.

name on the email from him was { David Hasel <[email protected]> }

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marty lives near by,, have him call Big Vito and get some action
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