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  I was at the JY and noted some Dodge caravans, Jeeps Commanders etc. had some decent rear bench seats some split types and fold-down seats.. etc.  I didn't have a tape measure, but I did a rough measurement, they appear to be a little less than the 48 inches which is what I have between my 84 RC rear wheel wells.  Today i took complete 3 way measurements of my bench, and will start surveying possible replacements. I plan to have the donor seat welded onto the 84 RC's bench (Frame), which has a very strong locking mechanism.
It's just a matter of finding one that has the approximate dimensions, that will not be too tall to obstruct the view via rear view mirror through the hatch window.  I like,  that all of these rear seats now cushion the upper back, and head and are more comfortable..
  If anyone has done this let me know. I came upon some references to the use of a Chevy Suburban rear seat, but it does not contain any detail, a search of the internet and you tube failed to reflect any retro fitting a new bench.  What I found dealt with front seats and the newer Ram models. Thanks.. for any thoughts and replies..
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