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Quick update. I fixed the wipers (thanks for the input) just a single bushing needed to be installed and it's working fine now. Here are a couple things I learned.

This tool...

View attachment 628788

Not needed / useful at least on my era of truck.

Also, the instructions provided on removing the wipers by 'prying the tab away' didn't translate correctly in my head (reading them now after the fact does however). I was thinking more bending the tab outward but once off the attachments made a lot more sense.

View attachment 628789

Here is the tab slid out from the base of the wiper arm

And here is the bottom of the arm to show the mechanism and how it's 'locked on' to the wiper head

View attachment 628790

I put this up here just in case someone else does a search for 'how to remove wiper arms' and needs a bit more of a visual explanation.

Thanks again for the assist and the welcome, now onto the 217 other things I either need or want to address...
I have the same type of arms in my 1990 RC and IMO they are even easier to remove.
Now that you took them off I'd suggest painting them black, the ones available on the internet are silver which kinda sucks.
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